Intelligent Input Bus (IBus) 1.4.2 reference manual. The latest version of this documentation can be found on-line at

Panel (User Interfaces)
IBusAttribute — Attributes of IBusText.
IBusAttrList — AttrList of IBusText.
IBusHotkeyProfile — Hotkeys and associated events.
IBusLookupTable — Candidate word/phrase lookup table.
IBusPanelService — Panel service back-end.
IBusProperty — UI component for input method engine property.
IBusPropList — An IBusProperty container.
IBusText — Text with decorating information.
Input method engine
IBusComponent — Component (executable) specification.
IBusEngine — Input method engine abstract.
IBusEngineDesc — Input method engine description data.
IBusFactory — Factory for creating engine instances.
IBusInputContext — IBus input context proxy object.
IBusKeymap — Keyboard mapping handling.
IBusKeysyms — Key symbol definition.
IBusConfig — IBus engine configuration module.
IBusConfigService — Configuration service back-end.
IBusObservedPath — Path object of IBus.
ibusversion — Current version of IBus.
ibusxml — XML handling functions for IBus.
IBusBus — Connect with IBus daemon.
IBusProxy — Base proxy object.
IBusSerializable — A serializable object.
IBusService — IBus service back-end.
ibusdebug — Debug message output.
IBusObject — Base object of IBus.
ibusshare — Shared utility functions and definition.
ibustypes — Generic types for IBus.